Businesses hoping to make the most of the web need to understand online behaviour and digital analytics. Companies like Sparkline have the talent and expertise to fuel the eco-system and enable this important knowledge transformation

Julian Persaud
Managing Director
Google SEA


All companies have data. But it is the analysis and understanding of that data that delivers the real value. Digital measurement – the capture, evaluation and insight extraction of digital data – strengthens businesses by identifying information and trends to enhance business performance.
This is Sparkline’s DNA and what makes them a strategic partner to Adobe; in addition to transforming organisations with Adobe’s Marketing Cloud solutions, they have unique capabilities, using the tools to provide companies with critical insights, helping to maximise ROI, better serve customers and build stronger companies. Content may be critical but its data that is king. Without context digital strategies struggle to return value.

Nicholas Smith
Head of Partner Sales – SEAHK


We approached Sparkline for their data analytics expertise, to help increase conversion rates on our website. The results we have achieved with Sparkline have been very encouraging. They have extracted unique insights from the data using non-traditional methods such as site A/B testing and customised Google Analytics and we are adjusting our strategies and plans to reflect that. Working with Sparkline has become more than just data analysis; they are business advisors as well. The higher conversion rate that we are seeing is an added bonus!

Khairul Syahar Khalid
Head, Advertising & Promotions
Malaysia Airlines


With the ever evolving digital landscape and varied technology solution options, FRHI Hotels & Resorts recognises the need for constant investment into web analytics tools that will shape our digital and social media marketing strategies. Many of these solutions require proprietary tags and so we worked with Sparkline to implement a complex customised solution for Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics. The Sparkline team has been instrumental in easing execution and increasing productivity.

Barbara Pezzi
Director, Search & Marketing Optimization
FRHI hotels & resorts
Fairmont Raffles Hotels International

Enhance your digital footprint, improve efficiencies and ultimately increase your profits

Sparkline is not about confusing graphs and tables, we present data in more human ways and deliver relevant, tangible insights to educate and grow businesses.

Building on over 15 years’ experience in working with Fortune 500 clients across Asia, we understand the complexity businesses face. We know the challenges of selecting the right technology, creating a data driven culture and communicating relevant findings and tangible action items to key stakeholders.

We illuminate your customers’ wants, needs and desire so that you can better enhance your products and service offerings.  Ultimately, we bring businesses and their customers closer, enabling our clients to become more profitable by providing what people want, when they want it.

  • Transparency & Collaboration

    We’re not about smoke and mirrors; our passion is making data, analysis and insights clear and available.

  • Experience

    We have over 15 years of experience in Asia and hold certifications in the industry’s leading analytics technologies. We’re motivated about sharing the breadth and width of our digital media expertise.

  • Flexibility & Customisation

    Successful business relies on adaptability and relevance. We provide bespoke products, services, strategies and education to tailor our services exactly to your needs.

  • Innovation

    We bring a creative approach to problems, questions and answers. Testing and iteration are at the core of what we do, so we never stop thinking about new ways to test theories, interpret data and discover new ways to increase profitability. Real Innovation is requires new routes to get to destinations we have never been before. We use data to guide us, and work with our customers to drive their businesses forward


  • Excitement

    We love insights; they reveal what people want and need, and they show businesses the way to providing better products and services.

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