Built to make you Business Ready… By Analysts For Analysts.

Analysts don’t see data, they see people’s behaviours, wants and intentions.
When they are armed with domain and business knowledge, analysts can unlock the opportunity that data holds.

Module 1: The Role Of the Analyst

Analysts today are challenged to transform businesses digitally. Learn the value and importance of an analyst’s role within that transformation.

Module 2: Arming Analysts for Success

Plan, take action and accelerate knowledge through tried and tested Analytics frameworks and mind mapping methodologies to create relevant, interesting and impactful work.

Module 3: The Digital Marketing Landscape

Technology has transformed how people and brands interact. Understand how digital marketing is used to attract and communicate with customers.

Module 4: Digital Measurement Frameworks

Learn how to develop robust digital measurement strategies to measure the impact of the actions you deliver and how they help to drive impactful growth.

Module 5: Data Gathering

Learn how to evaluate and clean data. Data accuracy and completeness are the foundation to a great analysis.

Module 6: Tag Management

Understand the general concepts and application of leading tag management solutions. Learn through demonstrations of their various features and methodologies.

Module 7: Google Analytics

Google Analytics leads and powers global businesses to fuel data engines. Arm yourself with key concepts and methodologies to deep-dive into the powerful reporting suite.

Module 8: Adobe Analytics

Likewise, Adobe Analytics is a leading analytics tool supporting enterprises worldwide. Learn its key functions and gain confidence to be Adobe-actionable.

Module 9: Analytics to Insights

Get hands-on and learn powerful types of analysis, with steps for generating insights with business relevance. Understand audience behavior to help businesses learn impactful communication strategies for growth.

Module 10: Digital Media Measurement

Businesses spend millions on digital media, and analysts sit at the core to use data to help decipher cost efficiencies, optimisation opportunities and trends. Learn how digital media should be measured for optimal outputs in your analysis.

Module 11: Personalisation & Testing

People today expect specific, individually-catered experiences from businesses. Learn techniques to leverage data for optimal testing strategies and personalisation opportunities. Bring ideas to life through case studies and demonstrations with some of the tools you can explore.

Module 12: Visualisation & Storytelling

Visualisation is crucial for businesses to understand trends and opportunities behind your data. Learn techniques to present insights and tell a compelling story to show optimal value in your findings.