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BigQuery Workshop

Either pick your level and day, or take the journey end to end to become BigQuery confident in a few days. Trained by Google Certified professional, with curriculum vetted and approved by Google.

Get ready to be a data analyst pro!


Course List

DateLocationCourse DetailPriceAvailability
Friday 17 January 2020Sparkline HQ, SingaporeBigQuery BeginnerSGD 500
Monday, 20 January 2020Sparkline HQ, SingaporeBigQuery Intermediate SGD 500
Tuesday, 21 January 2020Sparkline HQ, SingaporeBigQuery Advanced SGD 500
22-24 January 2020Sparkline HQ, SingaporeBigQuery Bundled Deal SGD 1,299 - Discounted Rate

What You Can Expect

Expert and enthusiastic trainers, that are going to make sure that in a day or 3 you will walk away with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to apply your learning to your work and become a data Superhero!

BigQuery Beginners: 

Introduction to BigQuery (Beginner) course, you will be guided through the core elements of the BigQuery UI, the structure of the queries one may construct as well as administering access controls to ensure strong data access and governance protocols for businesses. You will then dive into real world examples in labs, allowing you to explore the full power of the service and unleash what you’ve learned on the problem you’re faced with.

  • Introduction to BigQuery & Core Elements:
    • A practical overview of Big Data analysis needs for businesses with challenges associated, types of databases and structuring your data for efficient usage.
    • Walk-through of the processes and understanding the importance to perform pre-analysis setup and navigation, exploration, editing structure of data objects.
  • Querying Data:
    • Learning the basics of SQL syntax, running and working with queries in the UI.
    • Working collaboratively by sharing access to data objects, queries and moving data.
  • Hands on Labs:
    • Best practices in understanding seemingly complex queries.
    • Working with data – adding, removing columnar data, manipulating fields to create new calculated fields
    • Extracting meaningful information from different time periods
  • More Labs:
    • Look into standard inbuilt aggregations to discover ways to transform data to compute meaning.
    • Working with conditional statements and embedding human readable logic to summary views.

BigQuery Intermediate:

In our BigQuery (Intermediate) course, you’ll experience a real-world analytics scenario while working with website hit data from a Google Analytics 360 instance. You will understand the “Schema” or structure of the input data and learn best practices to derive intelligence from this data using industry leading methods. You’ll also learn how to extend your learning on querying data thus far to apply across multiple datasets that share a common field.

  • Introduction to Intermediate Elements of BigQuery:
    • Pick up advanced data structures such as Nested Fields and  Repeated Fields.
  • Connecting an External Data Source:
    • An insight into Website/Digital Property analytics and understanding general concepts and overviews of available data.
    • Focus on interpretation of queries and using custom dimensions
  • Advanced Labs:
    • Using Analytics functions in BigQuery and understanding what the best practices are.
    • Understand computing specific data fields using methods learned
    • Applying the “Pivoting” data technique.
  • Table Joins:
    • Work on common scenarios requiring joins (data) and how data is processed behind the scenes.

BigQuery Advanced:

Our BigQuery (Advanced) course, we dive under the hood to explore different elements of the underlying infrastructure to empower you to optimize the performance of your queries and enable you to debug unexpected issues at query run-time in a self-sufficient manner. Additionally, you will be exposed to commonly used functions and operators, enabling you to build up “tool-kits” that will help with real life data workflows commonly encountered in the industry.  

  • Under The Hood of BigQuery:
    • Understanding the motivations behind Dremel, the query engine behind BigQuery
    • Diving into the architecture of the query engine and the file system
    • Honing in on the mechanics of query execution on BigQuery
  • Function and Operators:
    • Walk-through of commonly used functions in queries
    • Identifying limitations and what is the best practice
    • Collecting a toolbox of ideal function and knowing when best to use them
    • Practical examples with real world labs to dissect on more advanced cases.
  • User Defined Functions:
    • Understanding the concept of extending SQL with your own parsing logic
    • Discovering the structure and capabilities of an UDF, in addition, writing and deploying an UDF.
  • Advanced Examples & Walkthroughs
    • Live, end-to-end walk-through labs to immersive yourself in real-world data strategies.
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