Digital Data Analyst


At Sparkline, we’re not interested in being ‘the smartest guy in the room’! We want to be a trusted partner, strategic asset and integral part of our client’s business.  We are a small team and at our strongest when we leverage each other’s strengths.  We roll up our sleeves and move at lightning pace to get the job done!



At Sparkline, we are in the people business!  Our Digital Data Analysts are passionate about helping our Client’s use data to develop a multi-view of their customer and deliver improvements across the customer journey to achieve competitive advantage and amazing customer experiences.

Our Analysts build a working knowledge of the Client’s business, leverage industry knowledge and analytics techniques to provide creative solutions to solve real business problems.  As a passionate storyteller you can present your insights in the form of a narrative.  You are comfortable across all communication channels and can tailor your message to help cross functional stakeholders connect with the bigger picture.   

You Will: 

Be a creative problem solver, resourceful in getting things done, and productive when working independently or collaboratively taking on the following core responsibilities:

Core Technical Requirements: 

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