Lead Data Analyst


At Sparkline, we’re not interested in being ‘the smartest guy in the room’! We want to be a trusted partner, strategic asset and integral part of our client’s business.  We are a small team and at our strongest when we leverage each other’s strengths.  We roll up our sleeves and move at lightning pace to get the job done!

As a boutique digital  analytics company that consults with Fortune 500 businesses, our mantra is to be a trusted partner, strategic asset and integral part of our Client’s business.  We help big businesses use data to understand their customer’s behavior, derive insights to optimize online experiences and drive profitability from their digital channels. 

Given our size and flat organizational structure, you will get opportunities to be involved in decisions and issues that will impact the business and our clients, you will have the chance to build a winning analytics team and add significant value to the delivery of our Regional Projects. 

At Sparkline  we  all roll up our sleeves and move at a lightning pace to get the job done! 



As a senior member of the team you’ll leverage your consultancy know-how and partner with the Business Development Team, qualifying business opportunities using innovative analytics solutions to real business problems.  

As a passionate storyteller you present your insights in the form of a narrative.  You’ll get to lead whiteboard sessions, share solution proposals, deliver presentations and run training sessions for colleagues and Clients alike.  Cool right?!   

Throughout the day you are hands on with the team, digging into analyzing data sets and reviewing external resources, allowing you to identify opportunities and recommendations for your Client.  Why can you do this?  Because you are  adaptable to ambiguity and not having all the pieces of the puzzle in front of you.  In fact, you prefer to piece this puzzle for your Client and share your insights!

You spend some of your time being a coach and mentor for the Analyst Team, helping them ideate beyond the immediate deliverables to provide creative solutions. Using your experience leading team meetings and think tank sessions as well as delivering presentations and training sessions, you will be able to use different approaches to grow the bench strength of the team. Being commercially minded, you will work with the team to identify opportunities to drive efficiency and scale in all that we do.  

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