Senior Solutions Integration Consultant


At Sparkline, we’re not interested in being ‘the smartest guy in the room’! We want to be a trusted partner, strategic asset and integral part of our client’s business.  We are a small team and at our strongest when we leverage each other’s strengths.  We roll up our sleeves and move at lightning pace to get the job done!



At Sparkline, we are in the people business! Our Solutions Integration Architects are passionate about helping our Client’s use data to develop a multi-view of their customer and deliver improvements across the customer journey to achieve competitive advantage and amazing customer experiences.

All of our Technical Consultants strive to form a deep understanding of the Client’s business, leverage industry knowledge and analytics techniques to provide creative solutions to solve real business problems.  As a passionate storyteller you can present your insights in the form of a narrative.  You are comfortable across all communication channels and can tailor your message to help cross functional stakeholders connect with the bigger picture.

As part of our Technical Delivery team you get the opportunity to dive under the hood of some of the biggest global brands and their technology stack. Using your mad skills in digital technologies and best in class data analytics integrations, you will deliver creative solutions,

quality execution and strategic value to our Clients.

To summarize, in this role you leverage your engineering, software architecture and technology integration expertise to oversee the scoping, design and implementation of marketing and analytics technology solutions across the Client’s desktop sites, mobile sites, and mobile apps. Cool right?

With your eye for detail, you ensure effective work planning whilst preempting and mitigating issues to deliver on time. 

This is an integral role as you are the Client’s consultant, whom they rely on to know how to maximize their technology investments and the best ways to reach and retain their customers, using data driven strategies. You guide them throughout any implementation phases, integration possibilities to bring data together in a cohesive way and advise them on how to get the best ROI and attract their target customers. 

Keeping connected with the ever evolving digital technology landscape you can help identify new solutions and skills that could create greater opportunities for our Clients and Sparkline.


At Sparkline social capital is king! Your success will be based on your ability to collaborate, cooperate and ideate with Sparks from across the business.  Demonstrating your natural bias for action, you’ll chase every opportunity to flex your entrepreneurial muscles and contribute to delivering impactful solutions for our clients. You’ll enjoy working with a degree of ambiguity and see the challenge in not having all the pieces of the puzzle in front of you.  You will be a passionate learner with the ability to pick up new tools and languages with ease.  


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