KASKUS Doubles CTR and Triples CPM With DoubleClick for Publishers and Google Analytics 360

With so many users, KASKUS recently faced a growing challenge: how to serve its users ads relevant to their age, gender, and interests. “As KASKUS is the leading digital community and social commerce platform, our vision is to drive data-driven monetization by making our first-party audience data actionable," said Ronny W. Sugiadha, chief marketing officer for KASKUS. "We want to give advertisers ways to perform better on our sites and increase the effectiveness of our impression-based ads."

With guidance from Sparkline, the KASKUS team began using their own audience data to serve the most relevant ads. 

  1. Set up Analytics 360 to collect valuable first-party data using custom dimensions.

  1. Ran a segmentation analysis of their Analytics 360 data to understand how on-site users interacted with mobile-focused forums.

One segment looked especially valuable: users actively searching for and discussing mobile phone brands and features for future purchase. Analytics 360 has segmentation capabilities that let KASKUS create an audience it called Mobile Intenders.

  1. Used the Analytics 360 Audience Sharing feature with DFP to share the Mobile Intenders segment with DFP Audience and DoubleClick Ad Exchange.

This new Mobile Intenders audience was soon in high demand by advertisers. Available on DFP Audience, it can be targeted by programmatic advertisers, particularly by handset brands that want to win the attention of users intending to buy a mobile phone.

How well did the new segment work compared to its old open-auction inventory? "

“Using the Analytics 360 Audience Segment sharing feature in DFP and AdX, we doubled our CTR and saw a 3.3X CPM uplift on this audience-targeted AdX inventory," Ronny Sugiadha reported.  “We are looking forward to even more positive impact moving forward."