Sparkline Helps Reebonz achieve +50% ROAS uplift with Google Analytics 360

Fashion savvy consumers across APAC , looking for the latest range of luxury products turn to Reebonz for their online shopping needs. Founded in 2009 the company currently attracts hundreds of thousands  unique monthly users a month looking to buy and sell luxury products. 

With users having the option to engage both on web and mobile, Reebonz faced the challenge to understand what role each platform had in the purchase cycle.

Gaining a Single View of the Customer

Reebonz turned to Sparkline, their Digital Analytics Consultants, to understand how they could gain better clarity across devices and where to invest their ad dollars for maximum impact. Sparkline recommended using Google Analytics 360 to implement a single view of a customer across devices. They also worked closely with the Reebonz team to incorporate app & web tracking on a single property via User ID.

Upon set up, the analysts at  Sparkline investigated the data and found that when mobile web is part of path to purchase, conversions improved dramatically by up to 2.8x.

Armed with this knowledge, Reebonz implemented a robust marketing approach which increased cross device conversions 2x and had an overall +50% Return On Ad Spend on search advertising.

“Users have multiple ways of engaging with Reebonz to sell and buy products. Understanding how best to target users working across devices, by adjusting our advertising is an important step in Reebonz’ marketing strategy .  By working with Sparkline and Google we were able to understand this shift and act on it. With over 50% ROAS uplift on search, we are extremely happy with the results.” 

- Ben Han, Co -founder,