Standard Chartered Bank implemented new analytics tools across nearly all markets in a 3-month period

Challenge: Internally named ‘Project Dire Straits’, Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) embarked on a project to switch their analytics platform to Google Analytics.  The project impacted 60 web properties used by consumers, investor relations and online banking in 40 countries as well as cross-location staff from several departments.  To deliver a project of this size and scale would normally take 6-9 months.  SCB brought in analytics experts Sparkline and set a project timeline of 3 months.

Aim: Sparkline developed  a customised code in Google Tag Manager to ease cross-market implementation, then fully rolled out Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager functionality.  Most importantly, data quality was maintained throughout the migration allowing SCB to  acquire accurate new data sets through demographic reporting and attribution modelling. Sparkline delivered training for SCB staff based in APAC, Africa and the Middle East.

End Result: Sparkline’s agility ensured the 3 main project components; migration, implementation and training were delivered within 3 months without data quality disruption. This success has allowed SCB to deliver improvements to their online banking and product offerings almost immediately and maintain reporting consistency across multiple teams and countries.