About Us

Founded in 2013, Sparkline was created to provide companies with a strategic, transparent and practical approach to Digital Analytics. The founders, Vinny and Aleetza, spent over 20 years in Digital, working with Fortune 500 companies on Digital Strategy and Analytics. With many of these years spent at Google, they saw an opportunity to start a company which simplified data, made it accessible and most importantly actionable. Businesses who strive for these skills and support can interact with customers in more effective and relevant ways, ultimately increasing profitability and driving innovation.

Sparkline takes a business first strategy to customer engagement. Our team of ‘Sparks’ are highly qualified, passionate and strive to build partnerships that deliver results through creative and practical suggestions that have immediate impact on businesses while maintaining an agnostic approach to the industry, and integrity through transparency.

Sparklines mission is to democratise the digital data landscape and make data driven decision making accessible to every business.


Our SparksData Experts

“Sparks” use their diverse backgrounds and experience to provide customer solutions that are agile, creative and transformative. Fuelled by curiousity, passion and creativity for Insights & Impact!

Vinny VijeyakumaarCo-founder & Managing Partner

Vinny’s expertise lies in measurement, data analysis and insights that deliver results. His philosophy is: measure, test changes for impact and iterate. Prior to founding Sparkline, Vinny was at Google for five years in Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia. There he provided strategic counsel to advertisers, agencies and partners on free tools such as Google Analytics and Google’s Website Optimizer to increase website traffic and revenue, all without spending a single cent. Before Google, Vinny cut his teeth at startups in Australia as a web applications developer. His technical skills cover PHP, HTML, CSS, AJAX, jQuery, Ruby on Rails, MySQL, Apache, Amazon Web Services, Google Website Optimizer and Google Analytics.

Aleetza SennCo-Founder & Managing Partner

Before starting Sparkline, Aleetza spent over nine and a half years in a range of customer-focused strategic roles within Google. She was the sixth person hired in Google’s Australia office and the first YouTube employee in the Asia Pacific region. Driven to produce exceptional results, she managed many of the region’s Fortune 500 clients and helped each in developing digital strategy across the business with a keen focus on digital marketing in search, display, video, social and finally mobile. Aleetza brings deep experience in branding, strategy, marketing consulting and organizational development.