Data Analyst Customer Insights 


At Sparkline, we’re not interested in being ‘the smartest guy in the room’! We want to be a trusted partner, strategic asset and integral part of our client’s business.  We are a small team and at our strongest when we leverage each other’s strengths. We roll up our sleeves and move at lightning pace to get the job done!




    • Passion for digital and data, and the value it brings to both consumers and businesses
    • Dedication to become a value based partner, delivering above and beyond client expectations
    • Humility to work with integrity, good intent and transparency
    • Curiosity to explore the possibilities and the opportunities from the information you are given
    • Creativity to see beyond the answer and use insights to effectively reach potential customers
  • Fail Fast, Learn Faster it’s about progress not perfection
  • Entrepreneurial in attitude and action, effortlessly innovating and adapting
  • Embrace Change – ‘It’s not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive, but those that can best manage change’….that’s Charles Darwin by the way!


At Sparkline, we are in the people business!  Our Customer Insight Analysts are passionate about helping our Client’s use data to develop a multi-view of their customer and deliver improvements across the customer journey to achieve competitive advantage and amazing customer experiences.

Our Analysts build a working knowledge of the Client’s business, leverage industry knowledge and analytics techniques to provide creative solutions to solve real business problems.  As a passionate storyteller you can present your insights in the form of a narrative. You are comfortable across all communication channels and can tailor your message to help cross functional stakeholders connect with the bigger picture.  

You are comfortable with a degree of ambiguity and not having all pieces of the puzzle in front of you.  Your natural ability with numbers and statistics, combined with your experience using agile data sets and external resources, will allow you to identify opportunities and provide rich recommendations for your Client.  You’ll take an independent approach to work planning and use your experience to preempt and mitigate issues to deliver on time, every time.

You’ll be an active participant at team meetings and think tank sessions as well as delivering presentations and training session to clients.  You will work with the team to identify opportunities to drive efficiency and scale in all that we do.


You should be a creative problem solver, resourceful in getting things done, and productive when working independently or collaboratively. You should have a strong eye for accuracy and detail when  analysing data and an analytical mind-set in producing actionable insights. You should also have the ability to undertake new initiatives to deliver the best work. You would take on the following responsibilities:


  • Ability to interpret data, analyze results using statistical techniques and provide ongoing reports
  • Capability to gather and process raw data at scale (including writing ETL scripts, scraping webpages, calling APIs, writing SQL queries, etc.)
  • Creative analytical mindset with the ability to think  ‘outside of the box’
  • Demonstrable ability to develop key reports, dashboards and presentation decks on measure KPI performances for numerous clients across the digital industry.
  • Enough expertise to provide key insights to optimize ROI performance and identify learnings for future ROI
  • A degree in the fields of Statistics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Digital Marketing
  • Must have +2 years working knowledge in Bigquery or any other SQL instances
  • Must have +2 years working knowledge in R covering libraries used in data cleansing/transformation, statistical programming, data visualizations and APIs.   
  • Must have an interest in MarTech or understand the MarTech landscape and expertise in the main channels of online acquisition; Advertising (Search Engines, SEO, SEM, Bid-management Tools, AdExchange etc), Marketing (Display, Content, Email etc),  Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc), eCommerce. (working knowledge in MarTech is preferred but not a requirement)
  • Google Sheet + Google Apps Script or Excel + VBScript: 2 years, particularly for data manipulation / cleansing.
  • Google analytics certified (preferred) / Adobe analytics certified( preferred)
  • Ability to write comprehensive reports and possess strong verbal and written communication skills in English
  • Fluency in English is a must
  • Strong working knowledge in BI/Visualization tools such as Data studio/ Power BI/ Tableau is beneficial