Google Analytics Workshop

Google Analytics Workshop

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Trained by Google Certified professionals & Squared Data Tutors, our ‘GA in a Day’ workshop is a great way to gain best practice knowledge & confidently start using Google Analytics! 
Attendees walk away with an intermediate level of knowledge and the ability to practically apply their skills to their professions.

Course List

DateLocationCourse DetailPriceAvailability
Wednesday 11 December2019Sparkline HQ, SingaporeGoogle Analytics WorkshopSGD 600
Wednesday, 18 December 2019Sparkline HQ, SingaporeGoogle Analytics Certification Workshop SGD 450
Friday 19 December 2019Sparkline HQ, SingaporeGoogle Analytics Workshop SGD 600
Friday, 19 December 2019Sparkline HQ, SingaporeGoogle Analytics Certification Workshop SGD 450

What you can  expect

Expert and enthusiastic trainers, that are going to make sure that in a day you will walk away with the knowledge, skills and confidence to apply your learning to your work and become a data Superhero!

1/ INTRODUCTION To Google Analytics

  • Including Setting Objectives & Key Metrics to reduce reporting and tracking clutter
  • Platform Principles, so you follow proper processes and best practice methodologies
  • Key Concepts for terminology, classifications and concepts for Google Analytics

2/ Google Analytics FEATURES

  • How to maintain data accuracy over time so people rely on the data as your team and business grow
  • Understand different Report options and reporting controls across teams and individuals to give people the right information at the right time
  • Use data sets to get your hands dirty and exercise segmentation opportunities for audiences and how to use them to understand customers better
  • Get familiar with Administration controls – your IT team will thank you


    • Through exploring Audience Reports, you will understanding how to use data to identify different audience types and how you can use this information to develop actionable plans for your team and businesses
    • Acquisition Reports, help you to know where your audience is coming from – which channels work best for you, where to invest money and how to get more of the right audiences coming to your site/app
    • Teams spend a lot of time developing content – to know how effective this work really is, you will explore Content Reports, and within these how to optimise content for the best results
    • Conversions/Sales/Leads, the list goes on! Whatever the metrics are that show people are interested in you, understanding Conversion Reports will only open up more opportunities to create real business impact


  • Exporting & Emailing help you share your new found insights with executives and teammates alike
  • Let GA work for you more by understanding Intelligence Events, and how Google can alert you to what your data is telling you
  • Data is only as good as the time you take to find an insight. Real Time Reports help you see things as they are happening and either, review, fix or optimise your insight
  • Dashboards really help consolidate metrics so lost of teams can use data to make decisions – fast, effective and great for spreading your knowledge across multiple teams
  • Do reporting your way with Custom Reports, that allow you to configure the types of reports relevant to your team/s and business

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