Keep On Keeping On With Online Learning

June 3, 2020

Learning has always been a positive, it gives you the opportunity to better yourself and foster personal growth and development. We share our thoughts on online learning and a few options we’re offering to help enthusiastic learners and businesses alike.

A welcomed distraction

For many of us adjusting to self-isolation and working from home (full time!) can feel like the world has been put on hold. This time also means, organisations will need to seek options to maintain continuity for their staff & business and by leaning towards an upskilling mentality, could very well be the short-term answer for both but with a long-term gain. 

We’ve always believed that there are no obstacles and only opportunities! With no wrong way to learn, the online learning space offers various methods to suit one's learning style best - attend a live webinar or conference, watch and take lessons from a video or even sign up to an online course. As long as you find something to challenge yourself or help boost your career, you’ll be surprised how much time will pass by! 

What to dive into?

With many MOOCs options now available, we really are spoilt for choice. But it is always good to go with an option where you know you’re being taught by experts in that field.

Sparkline is committed to providing learning opportunities to all, during the current situation and beyond. We believe that in-housing and developing capability are core to any type of success with data and Analytics. With the launch of our “Intro to” Webinar Series, our sessions aim to provide industry background, an overview position of being a Digital Analyst and to introduce our 12-week training placement programme - partnered with the Infocomm Media Development Authority in Singapore. 

We have hosted 5x Live Webinar sessions so far! From technical walkthroughs from our very own team, such as Intro to Google Analytics, Intro to Datorama and Intro to Adobe Analytics to sharing sessions of the Data Analytics industry and what this area means from a business perspective with Intro to Data Governance, A Snapshot into Digital into Digital Analytics (featuring our Guest Speaker from Google) and Ask the Analyst. 


Our next session will be taking place on Thursday 4th June, 12:30pm SGT where our very own HR & Education Director, Sarah, will be discussing why it’s crucial to up-skill and create a data literate culture at a business and personal level. All our webinar sessions are free to join and will just take you seconds to register and book your spot! 



 If you’re looking to sink your teeth into something more, we offer an online programme, taught by Analysts for Analysts. Sparkline Academy offers practical, business ready and relevant courses, exercises and interviews to support skills that elevate successful careers in digital analytics.

With over 20 hours of learning, there are modules to suit those wanting to upgrade their technical skills or even enhance their strategic approach when it comes to incorporating data at business level. 

Our Webinar Series will be available on the platform, so if you’d like to add more useful content to your learning calendar, simple sign up here - we look forward to having you kick-start your educational journey with us!