Launch your digital analyst career with Sparkline Analytics Academy

May 8, 2020

Digital analysts are in hot demand. With the need for data scientists growing at around three times that for statisticians and BI analysts and with forty percent of global companies relying on the analytics expertise of an individual employee to make business decisions, now is the time to gain the skills you need to launch your career in this exploding field.

How do you choose the right training for such an important role? A quick Google search of “analyst upskill” reveals a frenzied multitude of training options, each of them crammed with guarantees to “Maximise efficiency!”, “Increase capability!”, and “Boost confidence!”. Each shiny option promises the same result: to teach you how to get things done.

With so many choices that look so similar, it can be hard to choose the right course for you.

At Sparkine, we know that getting things done comes down to making insights actionable. Practically anyone can acquire the right information or extract the right data; at the same time, true value lies only in what you do with those insights. What problems you solve, what practical applications you discover, and what actions you take: this is what sets the successful analyst and business apart from the rest.

Years of providing actionable insights to our clients across diverse regions and verticals has led us at Sparkline to realise that delivering genuine results demands more than basic analysis abilities. You need more than programming skills, more than technological expertise, and even more than business knowledge to be good at your job. To truly achieve results, you need brilliant soft skills, with empathy, a critical thinking mindset, and a core desire to empower not only though insight, but through action.

We have developed our Analytics Academy to train up the next generation of data analysts to fill the anticipated 100,000+ person analytic talent shortage through the year 2020. We teach students to achieve actionable results and give them the tools to support large organisations with their online marketing and consumer data.

Sparkline’s training goes beyond programming languages to deliver and develop capabilities in business-ready practices, soft skills, and empathy that will propel data-driven action across organisations. These are the exact skills that are most needed by businesses today.

A recent study by Accenture concluded that one of the biggest challenges for marketing leaders is not finding or hiring analytic talent; rather it is finding the right ways to move the mountains of data into insights and then into action. “Data scientists are technicians who are very good at managing and manipulating data,” says Peter Fader, the Frances and Pei-Yuan Chia Professor of Marketing at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and author of Customer Centricity: Focus on the Right Customers for Strategic Advantage. “But data science is about looking for patterns, coming up with hypotheses, testing them, and acting on the results.”

Even more important than cultivating this skill set, though, is cultivating it right. That’s why we built our Analytics Academy with a focus on providing training for future analysts by analysts with years of experience on the job. In collaboration with Google, we tested our curriculum across four hundred students from a multitude of diverse backgrounds including chemical engineering, psychology, computer science, and more. After completing Sparkline’s Analytics Academy program, all students were offered full-time positions in digital practices, commanding higher than average salaries across the board.

Such success isn’t a surprise to us. Sparkline’s Analytics Academy empowers each of its learners from the get-go and we expect our course graduates to walk away from the academy with the skills they need to land the jobs they want. The design of our Analytics Academy allows you to take control of your learning in a way that best fits your individual ambitions, whether it’s by following a comprehensive recommended program or selecting pick-and-mix modules to sharpen your focus. Moreover, the Analytics Academy allows you to practice your newly developed skills in the real world immediately, as often as you like, through online learning with offline exercises.  

Perhaps best of all: the Analytics Academy requires absolutely no previous experience. In line with Sparkline’s mission to empower people and businesses through democratising data science, our programmes focus on people, not products, helping everyone to unlock the power of analytics regardless of their prior experience or lack thereof.

If you’re ready to fast track your career then it’s time to get the skills you need and land your dream job. Learn everything you need to know about digital analytics plus gain the business-ready practices, soft skills, and empathy that will make you an invaluable business asset with the Sparkline Analytics Academy.