Martech Outlook Award: Top Google Marketing Solutions Providers 2021 - Sparkline Wins!

November 16, 2021

Sparkline Revealed as 

Winners of

 MarTech Outlook Award for     

Top Google Marketing

Solutions Providers 2021!    

Throwback to our team celebrating the win during our Halloween ‘party’ last month

It's safe to say that 2021 has continued to be a time of change, but what hasn't changed... is Sparkline's ability to deliver top data analytics consulting, that supports businesses to execute a data-centric framework with access to premium MarTech platforms such as Google Analytics.

We believe that excellence begins and ends with our people. We never compromise on what matters most to us: your success. For this reason, we strive to provide the highest quality data analytics solutions for businesses of all sizes. And it’s not just about delivering results; with our consultancy service & product suite, it’s also about upskilling & enhancing team performances, with our training offerings, for continued growth for our clients. 

Sparkline understands the power of technology, and knows that by using innovative solutions like the Google Marketing Platform, can help businesses not only reach their goals but it prepares them for the ever-changing marketing landscape, where data continues to be the dependable source of truth.   

  Aleetza Senn, CEO of Sparkline, said:

“To stay ahead, businesses must have good knowledge and expertise about the latest trends in the space and align their marketing strategies accordingly. 

For example, in the current world of digitization , 

data is at the heart of every business. To acquire new customers, and retain existing ones, companies need to aggregate and analyze relevant data. ”

Sparkline has always been at the forefront of innovation and we're excited to announce that we've won the MarTech Outlook Award for Top Google Marketing Solutions Providers 2021! 

We're honored to be recognized for our contribution in this space and this achievement will inspire us to work even harder, to continue to deliver exceptional data-driven strategies & solutions for our clients.

To all our clients, thank you for choosing & trusting us, always!!!