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Sparkline brings a fresh perspective to the world of analytics. We believe that with the right technology, proper education and the right insights, all businesses can answer their customers wants and needs, and provide better products, value and service. Sparkline supports companies to make the leap into a data-centric framework that will see them become more profitable, efficient & current.

Best in Class Technology

Sparkline puts a common-sense framework around the overwhelming world of data.
We provide insights into the behaviour of customers by using best in class technology and the world’s largest focus group – the web. We source technology partners all over the world to produce world class insights efficiently & innovatively.

Digital Performance Analytics

We turn analytics into insights to improve marketing, merchandising, and business operations.

Using a 360 degree analysis strategy we capture a holistic view of your business health, help define measures of success and provide a comprehensive framework for continual improvement through our ‘test and iterate’ modelling.

Performance Marketing Strategies

We succeed by making businesses smarter, innovative, more efficient and more profitable.

Our aim is to empower marketers, executive teams and industry leaders to become data driven so they can better understand their consumer, their market and the competitive landscape.

Data Driven Design

We believe through constant testing and iteration brands can confidently and continually innovate.

Without Strategic and actionable insights, data collection is of little value. We not only recommend actions based on insights but we also run experiments on your content, site design and advertising to identify what’s working best for your business.

“We approached Sparkline for their data analytics expertise, to help increase conversion rates on our website…They have extracted unique insights from the data using non-traditional methods such as site A/B testing and customised Google Analytics and we are adjusting our strategies and plans to reflect that. 

Working with Sparkline has become more than just data analysis; they are business advisors as well. The higher conversion rate that we are seeing is an added bonus!”

Khairul Syahar KhalidHead, Advertising & Promotions, Malaysia Airlines

“Businesses hoping to make the most of the web need to understand online behaviour and digital analytics.  Companies like Sparkline have the talent and expertise to fuel the eco-system and enable this important knowledge transformation”.

Julian PersaudManaging Director Google SEA

Whilst we’re extremely happy with the results, I didn’t plan on having to buy another plane to cater for it – but we will be now! We will also be focusing a significant portion of our marketing budget towards continuing AB testing via Optimizely and overall website improvements with Sparkline.

Anthony BoucautDirector of Skydive the Beach and Beyond

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