Catered to large organisations, our consultancy provides full spectrum analytics services to boost business efficiency, drive ROI and empower transformation.

Why you need us

Businesses that use data to make decisions are more profitable. Sparkline will simplify data, make it accessible & actionable. The information we uncover will give you insights into your customers wants and needs, to help you be relevant in their lives & enhance your product/service offerings.

How we can help you

Sparkline aims to be your business partner and provide relevant consultancy to transform your business. Assessing all your assets across web, app, mobile and social we will give you data accuracy, comprehension, consolidation & most importantly tangible insights.

Answering business challenges

Data and Analytics are at the heart of success online, yet businesses struggle to make sense of their data, and use it effectively. Sparkline’s passionate team will quickly align business objectives with data to produce practical insights at scale that delight your existing customers, help acquire new ones and grow your business.

Our Services

  • Advisory and consulting services
  • Personalisation
  • Data accuracy and technology audits
  • Predictive and Propensity Modeling
  • Technical implementation and infrastructure support
  • App Analytics
  • Marketing Attribution and Market Mix Modelling
  • A/B Testing
  • Behavioural and Audience Analysis
  • Company Training
  • Conversion Optimisation