We Drive Businesses to Make Data Simple, Actionable and Scalable.



Premium and High Touch Support for your Analytics Journey



Hands on Workshops To Enable Talent & Fuel the Industry



Drive Data Quality & Efficiency from our Digital Analytics Suite

Driving Insights

Sparkline Democratises Data through Simplicity, Integration and most importantly Actionability. Sparkline is powered by passionate data enthusiasts with expertise in products and services across the analytics spectrum.

Consultancy - Actionable Insights

Sparkline supports large organisations with measurement strategies that identify the most relevant tools and the most meaningful insights to help them grow. We provide support to Stakeholders (not analysts) to use data in practical ways to drive business transformation.

Training - Igniting Insights

Whether you’re a boutique blogshop or an aspiring Analytics Master; Sparkline provides hands on training workshops in digital marketing and measurement to help you grow your skills and confidently derive insights from data.  Oh, and they’re pretty fun too!

Intelligence Suite - Scaling Insights

Fast, Easy, Practical. Our self service analytics suite is designed with the non analyst in mind!  Do you question the accuracy of your data? Need help interpreting your data?  Our online Intelligence Suite provides support whenever you need it.

Marketing Technology Support

Sparkline partners with the leading analytics technologies across the mar-tec landscape & upholds expert qualifications to support businesses in the implementation and integration of their tool stack. Our unbiased & agnostic guidance help customers navigate the right tools to suit their needs.